EPF: How to update profile photo in EPF account before filing for e-nomination

Most employed people have Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account, which is like a forced retirement savings vehicle. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), which manages this plan, is a statutory entity established by the Employees’ Provident Fund Act of 1956.

The EPFO has been requesting members to add nominations in their EPF accounts. If a nominee is not added in one’s EPF account, then the account holder may lose access to EPFO’s many benefits. On the EPFO’s official website, account holders can add the nominee’s name and other details online.

Your online EPFO member ID must have a profile photo in order to file an e-nomination. If you try to file an e-nomination without a profile photo on your EPFO member ID, you will receive an error message that says “unable to proceed.”

Follow the steps given below to upload a profile photo to the EPF UAN portal.


  • Only photographs taken with a digital camera should be uploaded.
  • Before uploading, the photograph should be 3.5cm by 4.5cm in size.
  • The uploaded facial image should be viewable from 80 percent of the image with both ears.
  • The image must be in jpeg/jpg/png format.
  • The uploaded image should not be larger than 100 KB.

Step 1: Login to your UAN account

Step 2: Under menu section and select “view.” Then, from the drop-down menu, choose “profile.”

Step 3: Click on Change photo on the left

Step 4: Click browse to select a photo from your computer/mobile.

Once your photo has been adjusted, click the Preview button, then the Upload Photograph button.

Step 5: Select OK for confirmation stating: “are you sure to upload previewed photograph?”

Your profile photo will be updated.

As a result, it is recommended that you post your profile image first on your UAN member site and then complete the EPFO e-nomination.

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