SBI Positive Pay System for cheque payments: How to cancel high-value cheque

To safeguard against frauds committed by tampering with or altering cheques, the Reserve Bank of India has directed banks to implement the Positive Pay System (PPS) for all modes of cheque payments (Cash/Transfer/Clearing) effective from 01.01.2021. Positive Pay System entails the drawer reconfirming important details of the cheque to the bank, which are then cross-checked against the submitted cheque during payment processing.

Step 1: Log in to SBI internet banking

Step 2: Under Request and Enquiries click on Cheque Book Services and select Positive Pay System

Step 3: It will navigate to ‘Cheque Lodgement’ tab

Step 4: Select the account no, cheque no Instrument type, select the value as printed on the cheque, amount, payee or beneficiary name, and cheque date and click on the submit button.

Step 5: Verify the lodgment details and click on the confirm button

Step 6: Enter the OTP received on his/her registered mobile number and click on the submit button.

On submission, an appropriate message will be displayed to the customer.

To cancel the customer has to select the Lodgement detail which he/she wishes to lost, cancel or delete under the Cancel/Lost/Delete tab.

How to request for cancel, lost, delete lodgement of cheque using YONO mobile app

Bank customers can click on cancel or delete cheque. the customer must select the lodgement detail that he or she wishes to lost, cancel, or delete.

The customer can go to YONO Mobile App and place a lodgement request by following the menu as below:

Step 1: Login SBI YONO Mobile App Login

Step 2: Under Hamburger menu>> Service Request >> Cheques, click on Positive Pay System and lodgement:

Step 3: Click on “View Requests”

Step 4: Select an account number for which cheque has been issued

Step 5: Enter the Cheque Date, and Instrument type

Step 6: Click on “Next” and review the details entered such as cheque date, cheque no., cheque amount, beneficiary name.

Step 7: Select the delete option shown on the page to ‘Delete’ the request

Step 8: Enter the OTP.

Customer is shown the Success page with the reference number.

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